Perfect Mothers Day present

Eight tiny little hands, Forty tiny little toes, Four beautiful smiles  Each cute round nose  I love you all more  than words can say  Your scruffy hairstyles And your funny ways.  On this day  I sit and reflect, How God has blessed me  With the very best! You four are my perfect mothers day present... Continue Reading →


Letter to my husband

  Dear Mr.J, I know you are reading this, because you are such a supportive husband. I know you have read all my blogs about our three beautiful girls and everything we get up to. I know you are reading this because you always take an interest in what I do and the things I... Continue Reading →

It’s not for forever

Don't you love it when you get to speak to other mummies or daddies about the highs and lows of parenting. I had a fantastic conversation with my mummy friends about the struggles mummies face and how we fit in, or don't fit in Me Time. The best one was when to take a shower... Continue Reading →

No sleep

It's been the worst few weeks in a while. The girls have been waking up during the night most nights. There have been nights when all three have ended up in our bed, and trust me.... It's not comfortable anymore now that they are growing bigger. I love the idea of co-sleeping with your child,... Continue Reading →

In the arms of Jesus

There are days the girls are screaming and for the life of me I don't know why they are screaming. It's not hunger, it's not tiredness, they're not hot, their nappy doesn't need changing... So I just hold them...  One at a time mind you, which makes it very difficult at times because the other... Continue Reading →

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