Drink Up

Are you like me? Do you struggle to drink enough water during the day? I get to the end of the day and think, oh man I haven’t drunk enough and then I try and drink lots of water ….  its a real problem because ….. then I am up 50 times during the night needing to constantly wee.

I found it wasnt just me who wasn’t drinking enough, but also my girls weren’t getting enough either.

There are so many benefits to water:

  • It flushes out toxins
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps relieve tiredness
  • Helps prevent headaches
  • Maintains body fluids

I had to find a way to change this, as I know how important water is. Here’s what I did….

I bought (ok Mr J bought them) 3 bottles….. the same size but different colours.

I let my girls pick which bottle they wanted to be theirs, we have a huge problem with who’s is who in our house at the moment…. I think they’re just finding their identity. Each morning I fill the girls bottles up with water and my bottle up with water.

They then have to finish their bottle of water by the end of the day. This gives them some autonomy over how much they drink and when. When I drink my water, I remind them to drink theirs.

This has worked a lot better for our family and I can see who is … or isn’t finishing their water for the day.

How do you get your children to drink enough water? Comment below and let me know.

Keep smiling and God bless

Triplet Mama Smith+1


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