Robbed of a prayer

I woke up late this morning, my fault, I went to bed late... but as I was woken by my 11 month old son and realised my girls were still sleeping, I got a bit excited.... I had a moment to pray before the whole tribe climbed into my bed.... but boy was I wrong, I... Continue Reading →

Are you prepared?

2.37am.... And another disrupted night. Feels like they're newborns again, but worse because they're up every hour.... Always someone in our bed... Or all three at some point of the night. Temperatures rising, rashes galore, diarrhea, super clingy understandably.... These are the "joys" of teething... Oh did I tell you it's the back teeth? Any... Continue Reading →

12 Bible Texts for Mothers

Last night, after a long and tiring week I decided to make a list of Bible texts I memorise and recall them when I have both good and bad situations. Then I thought, let me not be selfish now, let me share with other mums the texts I have found. So here it goes.... From... Continue Reading →

Blinkers (from Miss Nae)

I've realised one of my biggest problems, one of many by the way, is I watch people. I'm not a stalker, or weird. I mean, I'm constantly looking at what other people are doing and start thinking, "I wish I did that, or was like them"... Whether it's being a mum, my spiritual walk, being... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Lessons (from Miss Chay)

Anyone who knows me knows that me and nature.... We're not really the best of friends. In my old house I probably went into my garden...  Let's say 4 times, to give me the benefit of the doubt in 4 years. I'm not really an animal lover..  They scare me, creepy crawlies... Definitely not my... Continue Reading →

An honest heart of a triplet mama

There are so many different ways of parenting, different styles, different advice and different techniques. And as a parent you have to choose what works for you right? What do you do if when you choose what works for you, goes against what you would like to do? Lately, I've been comparing... I guess that's... Continue Reading →

Stop! Wait! LISTEN

Happy New Year everyone. 😀 I haven't written my first blog for the year, until now. I've wanted to, just didn't know what to blog. I didn't want the typical new year, new start... Because I believe the new start needs to be a daily thing. Each morning God blesses you with the chance to... Continue Reading →

But who likes house chores anyway?

I can't stand chores. I never have and I doubt I ever will... But they have to be done. There's just always something that needs doing. Washing clothes, sweeping floor, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the living room, washing dishes, dusting, throwing out the rubbish. The list is endless. Now I have kids it's got worse,... Continue Reading →

Let the praises go up

The difficulty with having more than one child is you have the tendency to compare your children, without even meaning to. Miss Bri was the first to crawl and stand up, followed closely by Miss Nae. By 7 months they were crawling and within a few days pulling themselves up. It was so exciting to... Continue Reading →

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