Hey, my name is Shina. I am a young Christian woman of 25 years, a mother to 9 month old triplets and I have been married for 2 years to a fantastic husband.

I’ve decided, after much persuasion from friends and family, to blog about the life of a triplet mum. My days are chaotic, constant, almost never ending, from endless nappies to change, bottles to wash, babies to save from falling (they are now at that age), my home can be described as the circus and I am the professional juggler. I have had to learn the art of juggling so many different things at once.

In the past two years my life has changed considerably, and nothing could have prepared me for it. I have gone from a care free youth worker to a jack of all trades stay at home mum. I now juggle being a wife, a mum, a cook, a cleaner… oh and just being plain Shina, all at once.

Therefore my blog is not just for mums, but wives, women, mums to be. Anyone who’s interested in reading 😀

Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions

Keep smiling! God loves you

Triplet Mama Smith x


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  1. My wife and I have two young children a year and a half apart. The thought of having twins is intimidating… but triplets! I can’t imagine how much work that would be! God will bless you for it. Every child is a wonderful blessing from God.

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    1. One, two, three or more children its only by Gods grace we make it through the day.

      I could imagine having two so close has its own challenges as their needs are different. You’re definitely right though, children are such a blessing.

      Have a good day


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