6 things a mum wants a dad to know…


Hold on daddies, before you get defensive, I want to start by saying how much we really appreciate you and everything you do for us. But there are just a few things we would like you to know.

  1. Please acknowledge the little things we do. I know it may not seem like much, we just keep the house tidy or the food is cooked. But it’s not easy doing these things. There’s always something to wash, we easily wash dishes 4-7 times a day. We are cooking the food while cleaning up after the children, one is screaming the other won’t sleep. It’s not easy. So all we ask is, please acknowledge the little we do.
  2. We need your help – I know usually you see we have everything together and running in a certain way, but when you are home we just ask that you help us out a bit. Change a nappy, cook dinner, wash the dishes, entertain the children, help one of them with their homework, you don’t understand how much that will help us.
  3. We get tired – This is similar to number two, even though we keep going, we are not super human, we do get tired… if possible, please let us lay in sometimes.
  4. Night times are hard – this is especially for those with newborns. Waking up and feeding our children is tiring, lonely and can at times be frustrating. I understand sometimes it seems like you are not needed, but honestly you are. We need you to change a nappy, sit and check if we are ok… even if you don’t live with us, send us a text.
  5. It’s not always nagging – when we say something more than once, its not that we are nagging, its just that we really need you to get it done and its important for us and would really help us. If you can’t we just ask you let us know, communicate with us. We can compromise.
  6. Ask us how our day has been – It is a simple question, but it means so much to us. Especially if we have had a hard day, or if we have young children, it is nice to have an adult conversation. If you don’t live with us, check up on us, give us a call and ask us. 😊


Look out for 6 things a dad wants a mum to know, written and vlogged by Mr.J himself.


Disclaimer: I know every mum is different and may not have these as points they want to say to the daddies, these are just a few of the things I have heard from other mums.


Keep smiling, stay blessed.

Love triplet Mama Smith



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