Hair of Sin


I realise that title doesn’t make much sense, but let me explain.

Today, I spent 1.5 hours in the shower trying to detangle my hair and wash it. Yes, that is right 1.5 hours, it isn’t a typo. It took forever. I had to patiently finger comb my whole head, before I was able to then part it into 10 sections (ridiculous right) and brush it with the detangling comb and then I was able to twist it and wash and grease it. It was was the longest process ever, especially as I am used to just putting my hair into 4 sections and washing and going. However, there’s a reason why I had to go through this long, drawn out process…. and it was all my fault. If you looked at my hair would you realise the struggle I went through? Not even nearly… but with the hair that broke off and the difficulty I had with it, clearly something was wrong.

Let me rewind a bit …

I’m going to be real here…. 2 weeks ago I washed my hair, combed it nicely and then put it in one….. only, I left it in one for 2 weeks… without taking it out or combing it properly, I would just brush the side… I admit it. I didn’t moisturise it, some days I may have put a bit of coconut oil in it… on the ends…maybe. But that was the extent of my hair care. I want to blame it on a mum’s life, but is that really an excuse? I was waiting for the perfect time you know… when someone had the kids, when I wasn’t too tired, when I didn’t have to do my girls hair too… and Zeke’s. When I had the motivation, when I found a good hairstyle… my excuses were endless.

What was the result? 

Detangled, dry, brittle hair that was a hot, sticky, disgraceful mess.

Don’t you know how to look after your hair I hear you scream at the screen…

Yes, the answer is yes I do. I know about the satin headscarves, the need to daily moisturise, the importance of protective hairstyles. I know it all…. if I am honest, I do it with my daughters hair all the time…. just not with my own. I know better, but I don’t do better. 

Is this not the same with the sin we get caught up in? The sin we don’t stop? The sin we allow to take over our life. We know better, we know what we must do… but we don’t do it.

What is the result?

We end up in a hot, sticky, disgraceful mess. 

In the end, we have to spend days, weeks, months maybe even years in some cases, detangling the web of sin we have found ourselves in. All because we didn’t deal with it straight away. We waited until the perfect moment. We came up with a million and one excuses why now wasn’t the best time to deal with the sin and stop. Or for parents, we focus so much on making sure our children are on the straight and narrow, making sure their lives are looking right, that we neglect our own.

God reminded me of something while I was dealing with my hair mess.

I need to deal with my sin mess too.

I want you to know that Jesus is coming sooner than we realise. I want you to know that today, right now is the time to deal with the mess of sin in your life. Like my hair, you may look like you have it all together to everyone else. But you know deep down inside that something isn’t right, you have that hidden sin that you won’t let go of. Right now, identify what you need to stop doing. Don’t make excuses. Don’t wait for tomorrow or that perfect moment. Ask God to help you to stop today. Right now. It may take time to detangle the results of the sin, but be patient, persevere, be diligent.

Be blessed, keep smiling.

Love Triplet Mama Smith +1

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