You Can Do It!

As the year comes to an end and you reflect on your year, I just want to give a bit of encouragement to all you lovely mummies and daddies and carers. You are doing a great job, keep pressing forward. You can do it with God at your side!  Don't be afraid, for I am... Continue Reading →

Hair of Sin

I realise that title doesn't make much sense, but let me explain. Today, I spent 1.5 hours in the shower trying to detangle my hair and wash it. Yes, that is right 1.5 hours, it isn't a typo. It took forever. I had to patiently finger comb my whole head, before I was able to... Continue Reading →

Robbed of a prayer

I woke up late this morning, my fault, I went to bed late... but as I was woken by my 11 month old son and realised my girls were still sleeping, I got a bit excited.... I had a moment to pray before the whole tribe climbed into my bed.... but boy was I wrong, I... Continue Reading →

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