A parents hand

As I was laying down in my bed this morning my 3 year old girls were climbing over me and my 10 month old son was giggling and jumping over them…. It was cute, I agree… But I was tired. My eyes were half closed, still stinging from the tiredness and I placed my hand on his leg so if he moved too suddenly I would be able to stop him from going too far near the edge of my bed.

It made me think…. This is what God does to us.

I like to visualise how God is with us.

He holds us…  And though it may only be a light touch – the same way I touched my son, which means we may not always feel Him… He won’t let us fall.

Unlike me, God isn’t half asleep or tired, He is alert, awake, ready for action. Ready to protect His children…  Ready to protect you.


A parents hand, guides their child, protects them and comforts them… A parents hand raises their child up when they fall.

God is our ultimate parent.

He is forever guiding you, protecting you, comforting you and raising you up. So just as my 10 month old son, don’t let go of your parents hand. Hold on tight to God, He will never let you go. 

Keep smiling, stay blessed

Love Triplet Mama Smith +1

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