Interview with the husband aka Mr J

I thought it would be rather fun to find out what goes on in the mind of Mr J, so while he was playing a game on the laptop and I had his not so undivided attention I asked him a series of questions…. here are the answers

interview 1


Me: What was your reaction and thoughts when you found out you were having triplets?

Mr J: I guess I was shocked because I thought I was having twins…. but excited at the possibility of having a boy. I mean I was more worried if I’m honest.


Me: What’s the hardest thing about family life with 4 children all aged 3 and under?

Keeping them entertained without technology.

Me: Is that it?

Mr J: You asked me what’s the hardest thing not the hardest thingS… you have to be more specific with your questions.


Me: What advice do you have for young fathers and husbands?

Mr.J: Treat your kids as your baby but don’t baby your kids…. I’ll leave them to figure that out. *Smiles*


Me: How has becoming a dad changed you?

Mr J: It’s made me wiser …nods


Me: Do you have a favourite child?

Mr.J: *stops looking at the laptop and stares at me*…. I think this is a trick question.

Me: Do you have an answer?

Mr.J: No, no I don’t have favourites, although I am excited about having Mr Zeke at the moment.


Me: If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you take with you and why?

Mr.J: Why would I be stranded on an island??? … I don’t know what I would bring because it would all be useless. I guess water… and a saw so I can make things, I don’t know what the third one would be. A blanket of some sort to keep me warm…


Me: What’s one thing your wife does that’s annoying?

Mr.J: Ask me lots of questions (and laughs hysterically)



That concludes our interview for today. As you can tell Mr.J isn’t the biggest talker….

short, sweet and to the point he likes to say

And that’s one reason why I love him… I guess we can’t both be big talkers now, can we?

If you have a question you want Mr.J to answer, let me know and comment below. 

I just want to say God bless all the husbands and partners out there who are supporting and looking after their families. Your efforts do not go unnoticed! 



God bless and keep smiling

Love Triplet +1 Mama Smith x



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