Letter to the breastfeeding mother

Dear breastfeeding mummy,


I know it’s not easy, and there have been times you have wanted to give up. The long feeds during the night when your eyes just shut.

I know that pain when the latching on isn’t right. When your baby won’t open their mouth and it seems like a continuous fight.

I know the struggle when your milk is too fast, your baby tries to gulp but the latch doesn’t last,

When they suck and they suck but there’s no milk coming out, and your baby gives up and lets out a shout.

I know how it feels when your mouth is so dry, you’re constantly thirsty you could honestly just cry,

Or that hunger, oh that hunger that won’t go away, you eat and you eat but it’s determined to stay.

I’ve had the bleeding nipples, so cracked and sore, I’ve read all the blogs and watched youtube videos galore

Then there’s learning to feed while you’re out in public, and the milk is squirting everywhere… I know it takes the mick!

But hold on, just wait there’s more….

I’ve looked lovingly into my baby’s eyes, as he drinks peacefully and time ticks on by

His little hands caressing my breasts as I say, “I can’t wait for you to grow up and I can talk with you someday”

His small eyes look up and they eagerly meet mine and I sit back and I wonder if there will be enough time,

For me to teach you everything there is for you to learn… oh how your beautiful smile makes my heart yearn

See breastfeeding may be hard and difficult… it’s true, but there’s also that connection your baby gets with you.

So no matter how long you breastfeed, a day, a week,  a year or beyond… You have the unique opportunity to carry on that special bond

I know to everyone else this may all sound funny, but I want to say …


But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7


Keep smiling, stay blessed.

Love Triplet +1 Mama Smith

Disclaimer: I have both breast and bottle fed, and this is not to say one  way of feeding is better than the other. I believe it is a choice. I just want breastfeeding mummies to know they are not alone with the challenges of breastfeeding. 


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