Throw down your staff

It’s amazing how you can get the most amazing lessons from the simple bible stories you tell your children. My girls devotion today was about Moses’s calling. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, here is a brief summary….

Moses was a Hebrew boy who ended up in the Pharaoh’s palace. His brave mum put him in a basket on the river Nile in order to save him from the Pharaoh’s soldiers who were killing all the baby boys. Moses grew up and soon realised he was a Hebrew. He found it difficult to watch his people in slavery, and one day defended a Hebrew slave who was getting whipped… but ended up killing the slave master. He then ran, far, far, far away, got married and was living happily ever after looking after sheep, when…… he sees a bush on fire, but it was not burning. He heard a voice, the voice of God, who told Him that He wants Moses to go to Egypt and tell Pharoah to let His people go. Like many of us, Moses response was “errr, I think you have the wrong person. I can’t do that.”

God said “throw down your staff” (a long piece of stick). Moses, did as he was told… and his staff turned into a snake. God promised to be with him, Moses realises the power of God and then agrees to go.


As I was reading the story, I thought, how many times have I told God, “I can’t”.

I can’t be a good mum, husband, wife, dad. I can’t complete this job or task. I can’t stand up in front of all these people and tell them that I believe what they are doing is wrong. I can’t because I am too shy, not clever enough, not strong enough, not tall enough, not short enough, not wise enough, haven’t been in my field for long enough, not bold enough,not eloquent enough…..

The excuses why we can’t do things are endless. BUT, sometimes God just wants us to throw down our staff and see what He can do for us. See, the staff was just a piece of wood. But God used what Moses had to do amazing things. God can use what you have to do amazing things in your life too. If He has asked you to do something for Him, He WILL see you through. He WILL make a way, He WILL provide the resources.

I believe God wants me to homeschool my daughters. Do I have a degree in teaching? Nope, did I know the first thing about homeschooling? Not a clue. But you know what… testimony time… God brought two amazing ladies into my life, who happen to be teachers and fantastic at what they do. He provided me with the resources. To begin with J and I both worked, but to homeschool, both parents can’t work.. which led to me quitting my job (which I absolutely loved by the way). Was it a financial strain?, yes…. but if I were to tell you how God has provided for us you wouldn’t believe it. To say its been easy would be a lie, but I know that God hasn’t let us down, not once. Don’t limit God! He has and continues to see us through. 

I’m not here to say I respond every time. I am not the most confident of people, believe it or not. Many times I have had thoughts and ideas and not acted on them, because of various excuses, my best one being… “I don’t know enough, so and so knows more than me so they can do it, right?”.

However, the story today taught me that if God asks us to do something, He will give us what we need in order to make it happen. So go on, say yes instead of no and throw down your staff….. See what God can do!


Keep smiling, stay blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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