Letter to my husband



Dear Mr.J,

I know you are reading this, because you are such a supportive husband. I know you have read all my blogs about our three beautiful girls and everything we get up to. I know you are reading this because you always take an interest in what I do and the things I like. I appreciate all the times you have supported me and pushed me, gently, to reach my goals and aim higher. The times you have told me I can do it and too keep trying. You really are one in a million. 

See Mr.J, there are not many men I know who would have taken up the challenge of being a father to three babies. Who took the news with such grace… almost… but you did well haha, the babbling was funny I must admit. The night we got home and I asked how will we do it, and you kept reminding me we have God and you’re not leaving me to do it alone.

I remember the nights you would come home late, after working 14 hours, and see me in a mess because the girls wouldn’t sleep… and though your eyes were burning and your bed was calling you, you would help me until each baby was settled. Thank you! All the dirty nappies you changed, of which you are now a pro by the way… feeding all of them in one go so I can have a shower.

The first time I left you alone with Chay, Nae and Bri I was sscccaaarrreeedddd. It wasn’t even for long, but I was determined that you would get your own personal bonding time with them, and I would let go. I came back…. and all four of you were still alive. Woop woop! Now I’m gone for the whole day and you’re taking them out to the shops and trampoline parks, cooking their lunch and dinner and having them all washed and in bed before I get home. Amazing! I appreciate all you do. (I just want to say for all the mummies out there reading this, give your husband, boyfriend, partner a chance. Let go. They can do it!)

You give me the time to write my blogs and learn my Spanish, time to go out and see my friends. Who could ask for a better husband? I already have the best 😀

While taking my morning walk today, I realised all my blogs were about our daughters and how I felt and what I was going through. But today Mr.J, I just want to say

Thank you Mr.J and God bless my husband!


Keep Smiling and God bless!

Love you always, your wife,

Triplet MamaSmith


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