It’s not for forever

Don’t you love it when you get to speak to other mummies or daddies about the highs and lows of parenting. I had a fantastic conversation with my mummy friends about the struggles mummies face and how we fit in, or don’t fit in Me Time. The best one was when to take a shower and comb our hair. Hahaha, dont judge us *covers face* (by the way if you have any answers please comment below how you fit in Me Time)

A good family friend reminds me every week…

Kashina, it’s not for forever, soon they will be all grown up! Enjoy every moment!

It is so true! My daughters recently turned 2!!! How crazy  is that? 2 years have gone by so quickly. They bring so much joy to my life. They are so funny and continually make me laugh.

My husband and I are encouraging them to say please and thank you. When they want me to open something, the correct thing is for them to say “open please”. However, Nae Nae insists on saying “Open Tin”….. why tin???? the funny thing is now Bri Bri and Chay Chay are saying “open Tin” as well. Too funny. And no matter how often I say its “open please, not open tin”…. they continue to say “open tin”. Memories such as these are so precious.

Every morning, Bri Bri… who is always the first up, would stand up in her cot with her teddy in one hand and her pillow in the other hand, and sweetly say “mummy, up”, then wait patiently for me to roll over and put her in my bed for cuddle time. Priceless moment!

I know you might not want to know this…. but, Chay Chay passed wind the other day and I asked her what do you say, she said “thank you bottom”. I was in hysterics, now I don’t know where on earth she got that from, but I suppose for her it made sense.

Whenever one of them falls over, the other two run to her aid and hold her hand and help her up. The way it makes my heart swell up with pride and love for them when I see this. They’re so caring.


They’re becoming increasingly independent, so when we get home I just ask them to take their hat, coat and shoes off and they do it. Once they have taken their coats off, they then go and help one of their sisters who may be struggling to take their coat off. I stand back and watch in awe as I see their characters develop. The morals and values we want to instill in them and  pray so earnestly for, I see coming through in the little things that they say and do.

I praise God for this!

Of course they argue and fight, sisterly fights 😀 but I know they love each other.


It’s these moments that I cherish. So yes, as a mummy and daddy, we may not get the time we used to have to ourselves anymore. We may not get to shower as often as we like, or comb our hair. We may not get to finish a plate of food in peace. We may not get the Me Time we truly deserve. But remember:

Its not for forever!

Keep a record of all the precious moments you have together with your children, the funny things they do and say. Enjoy each moment, each day, week, month with them. Because soon they will be adults, with their own lives… doing their own thing, and we will want to spend time with them. They don’t stay this age forever, so;

Love, Smile, Laugh. Enjoy!


Keep smiling, stay blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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