Selective Hearing


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my girls ears don’t seem to work properly. I think they call it selective hearing. Or is it just disobedience? My girls are nearly 2 years old, and getting them to listen and obey is a struggle. I mean…

The struggle is real!

I feel like I’m speaking a million and one times…. and I have three toddlers, so make that a million and one times, times three. I was telling my friend the other day, I honestly, honestly thought I was a very patient person…….. until the girls turned 1. Now I feel like my patience is less than before I had children. Bri Bri has a tendency to stare me blank in my face when I ask her to do something… she doesnt want to do. Now, for other mums I’m sure you’re looking at the screen thinking, but shes not even 2 yet, maybe she doesn’t understand. Oh she understands alright. After shes been sent outside to sit down for time out, she miraculously understands English again and does what shes been asked to do.

Obedience is so important yet takes such a long time to instill in our children.

Recently I have been reading the book for Jeremiah, from the Bible, and ohhhh myyy daayyyssss these Israelites were stubborn, hard necked, hard headed, disobedient individuals. They just didn’t listen… there isn’t anymore to it really. God asks them to keep His commandments, they didn’t, and as a result they had terrible consequences. For those who think this is extremely harsh, I ask you…. do you not give your children consequences when they don’t obey as well? God is our Father and is teaching us the same values that we are trying to teach our children.

The other thing they would do is ask Gods advice, promise to obey, hear the advice and then say, nah I don’t like that advice you know, we’re going to do our own thing anyway. I was reading the book and telling myself “woossaaahhhh”…. The frustration was real. Almost the same frustraion I feel when my daughters don’t listen. Then I stopped and thought…..

Do I keep Gods commandments? Do I ask God to help me keep ALL of His commandments, or just the commandments that are convenient and go along with what the majority of the world does? The commandments I like the sound of and doesn’t take me too far out of my comfort zone. The answer was simple and I came to the conclusion pretty quickly. No I dont. Like the Israelistes of old, I have the tendency to disobey God. Yet God has mercy on me. You know God spoke to the Israelites for 70 years before saying “enough, here is the consequence I have been trying to stop you from experiencing”. 70 YEARRRSSSS!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying wait 70 years until you punish your children. Hahaha, although I am sure they will love that. But if God is so merciful to us and so patient…. and we are meant to strive to be like Him, then we should also be merciful and patient towards our children…. who don’t listen. After all we are meant to show them what God is like.

Now I’m not saying this because I’ve mastered it. Quite the opposite. I am really struggling in this area and find it hard to keep my cool at times. But it is my daily prayer from today, that as I continue to teach my girls how to obey, that I will obey EVERYTHING God asks of me. Also that God helps me be more patient and merciful, not just towards my daughters (especially when their ears selectively stop working) but towards everyone.


Keep smiling, stay blessed.




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