Just do your best!

I should start with Happy New Year, although I am late. Apologies.


It’s been so long since I’ve written a post, I’m not even sure where to start. My daughters are going to be 2 soon and have grown, developed and flourished so much its quite scary. All three are walking and talking and singing and shouting and fighting… at least they play together nicely…. sometimes (sisterly love).

2015 was an interesting year. It was the year I decided to quit my job and stay home and be a full time mummy. What a decision right??

Has it been easy? Ha…. No.

The opposite. I have actually found it quite difficult and sometimes lonely, whilst dealing with the thought that I am not doing enough and have made the wrong decision. However, overall it has been a very interesting and fun experience.

Whilst reflecting on my year and my time as a stay at home mum, I realised that nearer the end of the year I was coasting. You know what I mean by coasting right?… just getting by, just about, counting down the hours till bedtime, doing the bare minimum. It was more quantity (the amount of hours with my daughters) rather than quality….

I’m just being real guys, don’t judge me… haha

HOWEVER, I’ve decided this year that isn’t enough. I have to strive to enjoy everyday. You know, living not just existing. I need to give 100% everyday.

100 percent



One of the verses I am teaching my daughters to remember is “Because Jesus loves me I will always do my best“. (Its amazing what lessons you can learn from the simple stories and texts you teach your children….

The word always means continually, every time, all the time, constantly…. at all times I will do my best and in everything I will do my best. Note: This does not mean I will be perfect at everything. 

I will not be a perfect mum, or wife, or complete each task perfectly… why?…. because I am human, therefore I have some things I struggle with and I am always learning, there is always room for improvement. However I will aim to give 100% in everything. Sadly, this also includes giving 100% in washing the dishes, cleaning the house… even food shopping. I want to give 100% in the important tasks as well as the mundane tasks.

So, I guess I don’t really have a new years resolution this year. Or maybe I do… maybe it is give 100% in everything! Forget about being perfect, trying to reach perfection just shows me how far away from it I am. Instead I will do my best and let God do the rest.  

Hope you all had a fantastic new years and are ready for 2016!

P.S. This will not be the last of me. Triplet Mama Smith is back and ready to go. 😀

Keep smiling and God bless.



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