Guilty as charged!

Most parents are guilty of one thing…. Thinking their child is better, smarter and faster than someone else’s child. It’s hard not to, our children do things that make us proud. I get it..  I do it sometimes.

“my son started walking at 8 months”
“my daughter was talking by 10 months”
“kids were potty trained by 12 months”
“my child knew how to read by 2”


The list goes on… But you get what I mean right? Ultimately we are proud of our children and their achievements,  especially if they accomplish certain skills before their milestone.

However, it amazes me how our children are none the wiser, until they’re old enough to understand what their parents are saying (be careful what you say around your children,  especially if you don’t want them to grow up big headed and thinking they’re greater and better than everyone else). Babies and toddlers don’t care who did what first, when or how. They just play together. There’s no competition, no race, they’re just content playing and getting on with life.

Then it hit me… God has made us all different, unique, special… Even babies and children.  They develop at different times, excel in different areas…. But this is what makes every one of them unique.

My girls are a prime example, it’s hard not to compare them… Well it was at the beginning,  especially when Miss Bri and Miss Nae were crawling and poor Chay was just sitting there staring at them. But I’m beginning to learn to appreciate them for their differences and their strengths. Miss Nae loves… And when I say loves I mean L-O-V-E-S reading. She could have me reading books all day if there was time. She also loves singing and music. Miss Chay is the chatterbox. She may have been the last to crawl and walk but she is the first to say words and her babbling is hilarious.  Miss Bri is the active one. Always trying new things, I should call her Miss determined, she masters things by doing it over and over again until she’s done it. She rarely gives up. All three of them different, all unique. I could write so many differences between them… But I don’t want to bore you… But you see what I mean?

So I challenge myself..  And I challenge all the parents reading… Don’t compare your child to others, don’t worry if another child is doing something your child isn’t. Instead admire the differences between them. Praise God that He made them different. Could you imagine if everyone excelled in the same area, eg cooking… There would be lots of restaurants and no one to go and eat in them. Talk about boring.

So remember, each child is fearfully and wonderfully made by God! (Psalms 139:14)

Have a great day. Keep smiling.

Triplet Mama Smith x

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