Cheap activities for your toddlers

Having more than one baby was never going to be cheap….  I knew that. But man, when you see a price and then have to times it by 3…. You get my dilemma right.

I have decided not to send my girls to nursery, for a number of reasons, which I will explain in a different post. However, it doesn’t mean I just sit at home and let my girls watch TV. Instead I try to plan different activities for them to do, to keep them occupied, develop their senses and provide new experiences for them to learn.

However, I was also aware that buying the activities wasn’t going to be cheap… this is when I decided to make my own activities for cheap. (please note I am not creative, but u gave it my best…. Please don’t laugh 😀).

I thought I would share  some cheap activities I have made and do with my 15 month olds girls.

Mark making
My daughters are at the age where they enjoy using pens.  So I now do an activity which encourages mark making (aka baby drawing haha)
I literally buy one big roll of paper, £1.99, and cellotape it to my living room floor and give Miss Bri, Miss Nae and Miss Chay crayons, and they make all the marks they want….. Or play with the crayon box hahaha. You dont have to stick it to the floor. If you have a table and chairs, or you can just rest it on the floor. I stick it down so no one can pull it away.


Miss Nae playing with the crayon box


You can draw pictures and encourage them to mark make on the picture, you don’t have to be a great drawer…. As you can tell, my drawing is terrible.


Miss Chays mark making

Discovery bottles
I had some empty bottles and thought “what can I make with these”. I decided to make sensory bottles. 


I didn’t have any food colouring and I couldn’t find any in the shop, so I improvised… The red bottle is water and beetroot juice, I added some glitter in to make it more interesting. The yellow bottle is water and turmeric. And the last bottle has rice in it, makes a great shaker. I stuck stickers on the bottle to make them more baby friendly.

Moldable form
I got this for £1 in Wilkinson. It was £1 well spent. The foam is semi-solid (the best way I can describe it)… So you can hold it, and mould it. Miss Bri and Miss Chay played with it for ages. Miss Nae not so much as she isn’t a fan of messy play.


This is what it looks like when you squirt it out.


Miss Chay getting her foot stuck in. Miss Chay loves messy play.


Water play (indoors or outdoors)


I need to invest in a bigger box, my friend uses the big clear box from ikea. It’s £4, that way when they are older you can use the box for storage instead


I bought this from Wilkinsons too. I can’t remember how much it was, but no more than £1. It makes a crackling sound when it goes into the water, and turns the water blue (as shown in the last picture) 



My girls loved to see the water change colour and hear the crackling sound.  It added a new dimension to their water play time.

(tip, on the floor is a shower curtain from the pound store….. Made cleaning up so much easier.)

Mud play


Now it’s warm the girls have been out in the garden. I am trying to get my girls to enjoy nature, enjoy playing in the dirt, finding insects (I am scared of insects by the way…. It’s not easy for me). So along with water play I do mud play…. Miss Chay usually eats the dirt, but research shows gardening and handling dirt is beneficial. It exposes us to healthy bacteria and reduces the chance of depression. (I’ll do a blog on my garden


Shape sorter
The girls put all sorts into the shape sorter, their balls, their blocks,  any small toy that fits, bless them.


This is what I used to decorate the shape sorter.


This was the first stage of the shape sorter, I used an empty glass box, the girls loved it… But I felt it needed to be a bit more child friendly, more appealing to the eyes…. Soooooooo…. Taaadddaaaaa!!!



This was the end result of spicing up the shape sorter box.

I’ve realised, it is possible to make toys and activities, while on a budget. You dont need to spend lots of money. Unlock your creative side. Save toilet rolls, bottles, boxes, bubble wrap… They can be used.

I hope this helped to give you some ideas for your children.  Let me know if you have any other activities I can make or do with my girls.

Hope you found it helpful.

Keep smiling and stay blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x

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