Blinkers (from Miss Nae)

I’ve realised one of my biggest problems, one of many by the way, is I watch people. I’m not a stalker, or weird. I mean, I’m constantly looking at what other people are doing and start thinking, “I wish I did that, or was like them”… Whether it’s being a mum, my spiritual walk, being a wife, a sister…. I always see someone else doing better.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done that, but its becoming a right pain for me.

Then I look at Miss Nae. I’ve noticed whenever we are doing something, she only focuses on me. During family worship, she is the only one who will pay attention for the whole time. She gets involved in the songs, the prayers and is engrossed in the story. When we are doing an activity together, Miss Nae always watches what I do. She may not always copy straight away or get stuck in there, but her only focus is me.


Obviously this got me thinking about my current situation.  My problem is my focus is on everyone else and not God. Of course I believe God is there and my ultimate aim is to please Him, but for some reason I keep turning and looking at others. If only I could stop having ‘wandering eyes’ and look forward and look only at God, I wouldn’t have the constant feelings of not being as good as everyone else, or being able to do what they are doing.

There’s times I wished I had blinkers, like the ones on the horses. One of the reasons why horses are made to wear blinkers is to block part of their vision so as to enable them to concentrate in racing and not to be sidetracked by other factors. I am in a race. A spiritual race towards Heaven. Towards God.


When I used to run, quite a while ago mind you, my dad would give me tips and advice. He always said, don’t turn to look at the other races. Once you turn and look it slows you down and throws you off. Just focus and the finish line and run with all your strength.

I need to be focused on God and God alone and reach the finish line (Heaven)  I’m not saying I can’t get help and support from others. That is important too, as long as it’s from the right people, but like Miss Nae my eyes need to be fixed on God, learning from Him daily and not watching other people.

I really am continually amazed at how my girls teach me so much about how God wants us to be with Him. After all, we are His children and He is our father.

Have great day. God bless

Triplet Mama Smith x


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