Nature’s Lessons (from Miss Chay)

Anyone who knows me knows that me and nature…. We’re not really the best of friends. In my old house I probably went into my garden…  Let’s say 4 times, to give me the benefit of the doubt in 4 years. I’m not really an animal lover..  They scare me, creepy crawlies… Definitely not my thing, I went camping once a year, but that was as far as it went with me and nature. Don’t get me wrong… I find it beautiful,  just you know those flies that always buzz around your head in the summer?…  I work up a sweat trying to run away from them.

But now I have children, I am slowly… almost reluctantly, beginning to realise the importance of my children being out in God’s nature. After all, Jesus didn’t use nature in His parables for no reason.


I’m currently reading a book called child guidance and this quote has really hit home…

Cultivate a Love of Nature—Let the mother … find time to cultivate in herself and her children a love for the beautiful things of nature. Let her point them to the glories spread out in the heavens, to the thousand forms of beauty that adorn the earth, and then tell them of Him who made them all. Thus she can lead their young minds up to the Creator, and awaken in their hearts reverence and love for the Giver of every blessing.The fields and hills—nature’s audience chamber—should be the schoolroom for little children. Her treasures should be their textbook.The lessons thus imprinted upon their minds will not be soon forgotten. CG 48.1

So today I decided, especially since I’m stuck at home now, I will go into our beautiful garden and let the girls roam… They’re not very confident walking on the grass so this was definitely a bit of a chore, and our grass needs cutting haha… But I digress.


Miss Chay loveesss leaves. Whether we are in the garden, walking on the pavement or in the park, Miss Chay always finds leaves.

Remember, nature and the connection to God doesn’t come naturally to me, but after praying for wisdom to see the connection,  this is what was impressed on my heart…


The leaf Miss Chay picked up was brown and withered. Only a few feet away was the tree it probably came from. Sadly the leaf had become disconnected from the tree, the tree was it’s source of life, and as a result it died. Jesus is like the tree… If we are not connected to Him we become withered and die spiritually… Just like the leaf. We need to make sure we don’t ever disconnect from Jesus. Go to Him daily, pray and be real with Him. Don’t die…  Like the leaf Miss Chay held.

It was today I saw the importance of God’s nature and how we can learn so much from it. It’s not just a pretty picture, as I once thought, it’s a textbook of lessons for us to learn about God.

I urge all parents and carers with children, enjoy God’s nature. There is so much more to learn.


Thank you Miss Chay for your interest in leaves… You really taught mummy something today.

Have a blessed day. Keep Smiling 😀 God loves you!!!

Triplet Mama Smith x


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