Peace in the midst of a storm


Soooo… Today I had my pushchair stolen.

Those who know me, know how important that pushchair is to me… Mainly because it helps me stay sane. I can get out, I don’t have to stay in the house all day… if I don’t want to. Haha.

But that has now been taken from me. Now my first reaction…  Obviously…  Was sheer shock. Why would someone want a triple pushchair?!?!?!? But after the shock, praying and speaking to my husband it was ok. My friend prayed with me too, I was with her and then a peace came. You know… A calm in the midst of a storm.


When I think about a storm I think about waves crashing over the boats, water everywhere, people scared for their lives, the pole and lines breaking. Screams and shrieks of fear…. That’s how life can be at times. Like you’re getting hit from every direction… First your car, then you washing machines… Family problems… Problems with the children, friendships breaking…. All in the space of a day, or week or month…. You’ve has those times right?


But God promised,  if you keep your mind on Him, He will give you perfect peace.

Isaiah 26:3 NKJV

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on  You, Because he trusts in You.

See when you focus on God and nothing else, nothing can knock you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy… But what other option is there? To stress and worry, lose weight because you can’t eat, hair falls out and you end up depressed? There is a better way.


Give Him a go. I promise He won’t fail you.

It’s been a trying day. But I won’t be defeated. God has something better in store. He has for you too. Don’t give up!

Keep smiling, stay blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


5 thoughts on “Peace in the midst of a storm

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  1. What kind of low life would actually steal a triple buggie? Society has no boundaries or shame nowadays. If it was to fulfil a personal desperate need then maybe you might so ok but it’s likely its to sell for drugs. That’s also why we must be careful what we buy off the back of a lorry. Pray that you will be blessed with an even better upgrade 😟


  2. I resist the urge to respond according to my feelings, instead I will say what I know to be true that, everything that gets taken from us, especially when it is unlawful, opens the door for an even greater blessing from the Father. It will return seven times.


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