Get back up and try again (from Miss Bri)

I’ve been distant lately not on purpose, I just don’t think I should write if nothing is put in my heart. But today I have a lesson from Miss Bri.

Let me give you some background information on Miss Bri. Miss Bri is the most determined out of the three. Because of her determination she has been the first to do most things, to walk, to crawl, to climb…  You get my drift. She has a goal in mind and she goes for it, with everything she has. She tries and tries and tries again until she masters it.

There’s a lesson here…. How many times do we try something and fail at it,  but instead of trying again we walk away and leave it and try something else…. Then before we know it we look back and realise we have tried so many things, but never mastered anything. We can go deeper with this..  How many times have you tried to control an emotion, stop yourself from eating a particular food or drink that you know isn’t good for you?…  We find it difficult and so decide to give up and go back to our old ways. Get back up and try again.

Bri isn’t afraid to fall. There are times I watch her and say “Bri I don’t think that’s a good idea, you’re going to fall, you’re not big enough to do that yet”.. Does it stop her? not at all… Bearing in mind she’s done the same thing 3 times already and fallen everytime….  will she try again? Of course, she will get back up and do it again. She’s not afraid to fall…. We don’t have to be afraid of failing. Failure or falling isn’t always a bad thing. See when Bri falls she will try and do it a different way. When we fall or when we fail, we just have to think of how we can do it a different way. In every situation God is teaching us something new. He opens our eyes to something we didn’t see before, and we learn not to do it that way but to try a new way.


Does Bri get frustrated when she can’t figure something out, no matter how hard she tries? Of course. She throws little tantrums sometimes. But I’m always there to show her how to do it… And guess what, she gets back up and tries again. When we feel angry and frustrated that we are not able to do a certain task, get to a certain place in our lives… God is right there, waiting, willing and ready to reach out His hand and show us the way to do it or the path we should take. Then it’s up to us to get back up and try again.

Life has it’s disappointments. That is true, but we have to have the mentality of children. I believe this is one of the reasons why Jesus said we have to be like children to enter into heaven.


Children teach us adults, so many life lessons. Watching Bri’s determination has made me more determined…  To be a better mum..  Be a better wife… to be a better follower of Christ… to be a better friend, sister, neighbour. I am not perfect, but I will not give up! I will get back up and try again! With God ALL things are possible. I can reach my goals! And with God’s help and my determination, I will make it!

One of the girls’ songs say:

With Jesus and determination I will do my best…
Do my best, Do my best, 
With Jesus as my strength I’ll do my best, 
He’ll do the rest.

How true are these words?

Whatever it is that you may have given up on, pray and get back up and try again. Please don’t give up.

Keep smiling and stay blessed. 

P.s Lessons from Miss Nae and Miss Chay to come

Triplet Mama Smith x


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