Stop! Wait! LISTEN

Happy New Year everyone. 😀

I haven’t written my first blog for the year, until now. I’ve wanted to, just didn’t know what to blog. I didn’t want the typical new year, new start… Because I believe the new start needs to be a daily thing. Each morning God blesses you with the chance to try again, to do better.

But this has been weighing on my heart, and for some reason I have been reluctant to blog it. Usually if I have something pressing I stop what I’m doing and type away as quickly as possible. 

I pray this blesses someone or helps someone in a similar situation to myself. I apologise this isn’t related to being a triplet mama this time. Just a revelation I’ve had.

The past few nights the girls have been really unsettled. Teething, late nights over Christmas and new years have messed up their sleeping routine to another level. The other evening I couldn’t find the monitor so I put the girls to bed and decided I would just listen out for the girls. I went to the kitchen to wash up, I was watching something on the tablet, cleaning away the plates, the tap was running… Then something told me to turn everything off and listen to see if one of the girls were crying. By time I got upstairs poor miss Nae was in a right state, face red, tears and snot running down her face.

It got me thinking. Lately I’ve been wondering why I’m not moving forward spiritually… I feel kind of stuck. As I was putting Nae down it hit me.

Remove all the distractions. Stop the noise. Be still and know that I am God.

God’s voice is like Nae crying… It can be so small, distant, quiet, especially when we have so much going on in our lives.

If I have so much going on and I don’t take time out to just sit and listen. Turn off the tv, stop the music, leave the tidying… Just stop and listen… I will never hear God’s voice.

In my life, especially living in a fast paced city like London, it’s always go go go. Nappies to change, food to cook,  clothes to wash and organise, house to clean, stories to read, me time to have… But my me time isn’t quiet time with God... No its more distractions, tv, music, reading, talking, on my phone… Whatsapp, Facebook.

I guess I’ve realised, in order to grow spiritually and to truly hear God’s voice I need to have that quiet time with God. That prayer time. Meditate on His word, His love.


No matter how busy, hectic, distracting and time consuming a life of a mum is… I need to take time out just to be with God. To renew my strength, that deflects so quickly throughout the day… To find rest in Jesus, when those sleepless nights drag on endlessly… To find my help, when I’m doing it alone.

Stop, pause, listen. God wants to talk to you. He wants to spend time with you too.

Keep smiling. Be blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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