Let’s play tag girls

Yesterday I had the joy of watching my 11 month old girls playing tag. Well I don’t think they knew that’s what the games was called… But it definitely looked like a game of tag. One of them was chasing the other, the one being chased was trying to crawl away as fast as they could, slipping, sliding and then falling into a heap of giggles on the floor. The next one would chime in and the baby who was “it”  would change direction and chase the other baby.

It was such a delight to watch.

It made me think of all the fun times they will have together, the midnight chats, the girlie shopping sprees, their own daily play dates. I honestly can’t wait to watch them grow, although they are growing way too quickly already.

It was so nice to see them all so happy, just to be in each others company. From young, one of my prayers for them has been that God helps them to be close with each other and to love each other. Each morning for family worship I pray with them that they will be kind to one another, share with one another (were still working on this one) and love one another, and others. Even now I see God answering their prayers.

Yes being a mum of triplets is hard, tiring… exhausting, but so rewarding, especially when you have three happy babies.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with three amazing daughters.

Keep smiling. Be blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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