No sleep

It’s been the worst few weeks in a while. The girls have been waking up during the night most nights. There have been nights when all three have ended up in our bed, and trust me…. It’s not comfortable anymore now that they are growing bigger. I love the idea of co-sleeping with your child, every now and then… Is it practical with three babies…  No not really.


Last night Mr.J decided he was going to let Miss Bri cry herself to sleep. I don’t know about other mums, but for me to hear my girls cry actually hurts my heart. I don’t know how to explain it. I have to be fully prepared to deal with their shrieks and not feel the pain so much. She cried and screamed for what seemed like forever, and she wasn’t letting up. The softy I was last night, coupled with the tiredness and the inability to shake the heart ache of hearing her cry…. I held her to sleep.

How much more Jesus’s heart must ache when He sees us crying, hurting or in pain. Regardless if we have done something that we shouldn’t have and as a result ‘get burnt’ I’m sure Jesus’s heart aches. We are His children and He loves us unconditionally.

Isaiah 53:3 says Jesus was a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.

I may not always understand why Miss Bri, or Miss Chay or Miss Nae needs comforting, or wants the comfort. I may not understand their pain or sorrows… Yes I believe babies do have their personal sorrows. But Jesus does.

He understands your sorrows too and He understands your pain. His heart breaks when you’re sad and when you cry, just as a mums (and dads) heart breaks for their child…

That’s how much Jesus loves you!

Keep smiling, stay blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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