The Triplets story. Pt 1 – national prematurity day :-D


Ring ring

6.30pm my mobile phone rings.

“sorry Mrs Smith, would you and your husband please come to the hospital as soon as possible there’s a problem with Miss Bri”

My face drained. The hospital had never called me. In the whole 6 weeks it was always me to call the hospital every morning and every night to check on the girls and see how they were doing… Even though I saw them every day. It had to be serious.

Both Mr. J and I were dressed within 3 minutes and out the door and in the car. Different scenarios were playing in my mind. What could have happened to her. The song You Are God alone was on repeat, my mind so frazzled that I couldn’t even pray straight.

As we ran up the stairs and entered the room where they kept the girls the doctor came to meet us.

Hi Mr and Mrs Smith. I know we said you could take Bri home tomorrow but there has been a sudden change of plans. Her gut is full of air and she seems like she is in a lot of pain. I don’t want you to worry too much, we are going to try and put some lines in her so she can get some morphine to ease the pain, but we are also waiting for the top consultant to say what we should do

My face dropped and I tried hard to hold back the tears. Miss Bri was screaming uncontrollably, she looked uncomfortable, in pain, her tummy was huge, especially because she was so small. After the doctor had said all he had to say I walked out the door, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing down my face, there was a big pain in my heart and numerous thoughts flooded my mind. I wanted to pray, but nothing was coming out. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t pray.

And the Lord , He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”
Deuteronomy 31:8 NKJV

After talking with the top consultant the decision to transfer Miss Bri to royal London hospital was made. They were unable to get the lines in straight away. They pricked her so many times, bending her heel and hands backwards, forwards. There were needle holes everywhere, to the point where they were struggling to find a space to try again. The screams from Miss Bri were piercing.

Is this what it’s like to be a mum?

They finally managed to get a line in and we were off. Our first trip in an ambulance. The other two girls stayed at King George’s, this was the first time they were separated from each other.


After the second day at Royal London hospital the doctors called me in the morning to say they will need to operate on Miss Bri.

6 weeks the girls had been in the hospital. They had done so well and come so far. They were all so close to coming home. Miss Bri was leading the way, the first one to come home. Oh I was singing God’s praises, I was beaming. I had been longing to hold my girls without having to ask anyones permission, without wires and lines all over them. Then came this low blow. Miss Bri, from going home to needing an operation.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28 NKJV

I called all friends and family, church friends and prayer warriors to pray for Miss Bri. There had to be a testimony in this somewhere. Lord knew I didn’t want her to have an operation. People always say in time of need get on your knees and pray… Get on my knees is what I did… But all that came were tears, no word… Just the sound of an aching heart.

But God knew my heart and heard the prayers of others.

When I went to the hospital the following morning, the day of the operation, I was greeted by the nurse and the doctor who said

We don’t need to do the surgery anymore. Her tummy isnt as hard as it was yesterday. The consultant wants to monitor her, but it seems she is getting better. We don’t know how or why, but she is

I smiled the biggest smile and simply replied

If only you knew how many people are praying for her. God answers prayers.



Two weeks later we had all three of our girls home with us. What a journey it had been.. And it was only the beginning.


From 2.11 lbs,  3.1 lbs and 3.3 lbs to over 16lbs, the girls are a testimony that God is real and He still works miracles in our lives!

They are all crawling and standing, climbing and jumping all over me. They’re now 10 months old and they are my world. They have given a new meaning to the word love. I thank God for their lives and making me a triplet mama.

There is power in prayer.  There IS power in prayer. God can work in your life too.


Keep smiling,  stay blessed.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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  1. It brought tears to my eyes. I know GOD is Able but Every time I hear a testimony of His goodness it reminded me all over again an I have to give Him praises. Those trips are so sweet they are truly striving. May the Lord continue to bless them an keep them, may He make His face to shine upon them an be gracious unto them, may He lift His countenance upon them an give them His peace, love, prosperity, safety, guidance, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, even now an for ever more. An u too triplet Mama an also Dadda – may GOD continue give u both strength, love, peace, patience, kindness, knowledge, wisdom an undestanging to grow them up! GOD bless alway.

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