Let the praises go up

The difficulty with having more than one child is you have the tendency to compare your children, without even meaning to.

Miss Bri was the first to crawl and stand up, followed closely by Miss Nae. By 7 months they were crawling and within a few days pulling themselves up. It was so exciting to see them taking their first few… Crawling steps… Their excitement as they moved slowly across to the other side of the room. They progressed quickly, moving faster each day. We would even race them, using food as the prize. But Miss Chay just wouldn’t crawl.

We tried everything, food, toys, us… But she would sit and cry. I would put all three together to play, but Bri and Nae would crawl away and go about their business. It would break my heart to watch Chay sit in the same place and cry from sheer frustration. I wanted to help her, but knew,at times, I had to also allow her to try and do it by herself.

I booked an appointment for Miss Chay because her feet were doing their own  thing, twisting all sorts of ways. She would drag her left leg instead of bending it and moving it. She wouldn’t bend it when she was laying on her front. That leg would just lay straight. Once again prayers started going up that all was ok with Chays legs. I’ve realised there is always so much to worry about as a parent. But I am learning to put it in God’s hands.


Miss Chays nanny said to me, I’ve put it before God and asked she starts crawling before her appointment with the paediatrition. That was two months ago. Yesterday, the day before her appointment, Miss Chay started crawling, from one sofa to the next, up and down the room. She went from a baby unable to move to where she wanted to go, a ball of frustration, constantly crying and being left by herself to an independent, more confident baby.

God alone be praised! Thank you God!  God still hears prayers. God still does miracles. God is awesome.

All I want to say to you is don’t give up. Keep on praying. It seemed like there wasn’t a difference with Chay. It took two months for anything to happen. But it did. Not in our time or when I wanted it to, but in God’s time.

If you have testimonies please share. Let’s praise God together.

Keep smiling. God loves you.

Triplet Mama Smith x


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  1. This was a joy to read Triple mama. So encouraging for mums of multiples and multiple children under 2 -or even 5! I know we can also compare what our children did as young singletons and it’s so important not to as even God says why compare ye amongst yourselves? Will keep you and miss chay in my prayers.


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