The babies got jokes :-|

One of the difficulties of having triplets, or multiple babies, is night time sleeping.

Usually the girls are really good, from 5 and a half months we would put them to bed at 7 and they would sleep through until 6/7 the next morning, bar a few dummy runs (they cry for their dummies at night, any suggestions on how to stop this would be much appreciated).

About 6 weeks ago, the girls got ill…. One after the other. It was like they were newborns again, waking up during the night, one baby would wake up the other baby. Oh it was torture. I was thankful for the routine we had worked so hard to get them in.

Last night however, ohhhh last night, the girls were having a laugh… Literally having a laugh. It was Nae who started it off, she woke up at 2am wanting to play and actually laughing hysterically. She woke up Bri who started crying, who then woke up Chay, who NEVER wakes up during the night. But this didn’t just happen once, ohhhh noooo, this happened three times during the night. I would finally get them all back off to sleep, crawl back into my bed and an hour later the scenario would play again.

Mr.J was at work and didn’t come home till 5am, so it was just me to deal with it all. And to top it all off, Bri woke up at 5.45 this morning like we all had a good night’s sleep. Hahaha


This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, and although it doesn’t happen often it’s still tough. Like other mums, I still have to get up and look after the girls for the whole day, alone. So here are some tips of how I make it through my day with three babies and lack of sleep.

1. Pray

There’s no way I survive without praying in the morning. There have been times I’ve been so rushed I’ve forgotten to pray, and my patience is so thin I have to take time out and pray, even if it means leaving the girls to cry while I do so. It’s by God’s grace alone I survive on a good day with a good night’s sleep. It requires more grace and patience and strength from God for me to survive on a bad day with hardly any sleep.

2. Get out the house

Ok, so this isn’t always easy, but fresh air makes a big difference. (I’ll do another blog on how I get out the house). When I feel like I’m going to lose it and the girls are screaming uncontrollably , a good walk always calms them down. They like the fresh air, I like the fresh air. Everyone’s happy.
3. Have a plan

I’m very much routine, routine, routine. My routine is very hectic, but it works for me and the girls. Decide what you are going to do for the day. See if you can meet up with someone or someone can come round. You don’t always get help, but just having someone to talk to makes a big difference. Adult conversation is always nice.

4. Contact your best friend

When I am having a hard day, my sister in law gets an ear full. I need to off load, and bless her heart she’s always there for me to off load on. There’s very few people I can confide in, but the ones I can, they understand what I am going through. Don’t keep it in
Find that person who you can confide in, that person who understands. It makes a big difference. When you keep things in and over think your situation you get more and more lonely, frustrated, fed up and sad. I’ve been there, so trust what I’m saying.

5. Put the children to bed early tonight

It would have been a long day, so put them to bed that little bit earlier so you can have some me time. Me time is so important.

6. Stay positive

This is quite difficult when you’re tired and you have three babies or children screaming at you. But sing a song, recent a bible verse, say a positive quote, count to 10. You just have to find what works for you. Singing works for me, plus the girls love anything musical so it’s a bonus for us all.

I hope these tips help. If you have any other tips that you can share please do. Hope you all have a blessed day. Keep smiling. God loves you.


Triplet Mama Smith x


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  1. Relate, Relate, Relate, my Mandy is 5 months, she just started sleeping through the night, although some nights she too wakes up and wants to play. Sometimes I could barely keep my eyes open. I just make sure she’s dry and fed, and leave her to coo away. I have a similar routine, with my younger children, by 7 their bathing and by 8 their in bed. My children know after nine, I do not like to hear a pin drop. I call it my tone down time.

    Maybe you can try napping every time they sleep throughout the day if it’s feasible. Sometimes five minutes is better none. It does help, I’ve done many times and used a timer.


    1. Oooo… I love that, tone down time.

      Yea, I wish I could nap when they nal,but the girls seem to only nap for 10-15 mins during the day now. They don’t want to give me a break hahaha. And usually one sleeps just before the other two.. Which means by time theyve gone down, the other one is back up. 😦

      I do the same as you, just put them on the bed and let them do what they need to do… Which is usually pulling my dace or trying to wake me up haha. They were all fine till they got sick. When they were sick they were waking up during the night, understandably, but I think it’s become a habit now. I just don’t have the energy to get them back to sleeping during the night. Soon I hope.

      Thank you for reading 😀


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