To be or not to be

Mr J and I have been wondering whether to have more children in the future or not. Most people say… “you’re not having anymore are you?”. At first we were quick to say..  “ha ha, no chance”, but lately we have both been talking about it more and more.

Today I had my beautiful goddaughter and handsome nephew over. Oh we had a blast, singing, dancing, kidspace, baking…  But on the other hand,boy am I tired. I also had to deal with my little munchkins waking up during the night.

Sitting on my bed while the girls drink their milk, I think..  I can do this. I like having more children, the fun, laughter, hustle and bustle. The idea of a big family, closely knitted together has a nice ring to it.

One thing I have learnt to say is, God’s will be done in my life. When you say this you never know what will happen, but you say it having faith that God will do the best for you in your life. Why do I say this? It was never our plan to have a child so soon, we had other plans, our life set out to a T. But God said ‘your plans may seem good on paper, but not today… I have something better in store for you’. It so happened, I didn’t just get pregnant with one child, or two children, I got the full three for the price of one.

When I first found out so many questions went through my head, why me? Am I going to be able to do this? What do I know about bringing up three babies?…  When times were hard the questions changed to, did God make the right choice?  Are you sure I can do this?. But over the past 9 months, I’ve begun to see changes in myself. Positive changes. My patience will last that little bit longer (only if I pray in the mornings :-D), I’ve learnt new tips to control my anger. So maybe this is why I’ve been blessed with so many children at once. Maybe this is why you’ve been blessed with children.

To be or not to be? That is the question. More children or no more children? I don’t know what the answer is, but I know my prayer will still be, God let your will be done in my life. If that means we end up with triplets again….  hahahahahaaa… Then I will have 6 children. 😀

I guess I’m saying, don’t worry if your life doesn’t go according to your plans. It’s not always a bad thing

Triplet Mama Smith x


5 thoughts on “To be or not to be

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  1. Sounds like you’re not done yet! It may be a wonderful blessing to have another child, to experience just one at a time. But imagine if you had six, your house would be sooooo much fun! You’re right, God knows what your family looks like. He told me years ago I’d have 3 kids and I have, despite having irregular periods etc. I know we’re finished having kids but our family feels just right, the fulfilment of a promise.


    1. I know right. 6 would be something. Haha we still haven’t come to a conclusion whether we want more or not, but if it’s anything like how we ended up with our triplets, we don’t have much of a say lol. Watch this space I guess.

      Praise God! Despite all odds, He always comes through.


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