If you don’t like it… Change it!.. And stop complain

Everyone seems to be on this weight loss hype… Yea..  I’m going to join it too. Not because I want to be ‘miss slim ting’, or because I want to look like the models on the front cover of magazines. I just want to be comfortable within myself.

For those who don’t know…. which is most of you,  I lost 2 stone while I was pregnant with the girls. Can I get a woop woop. So here’s my problem…  I’ve put it all back on again, and then some. When I finally got my appetite back it was rampant. I was eating everythingggg. Didn’t matter what time of the day, or what it was (as long as it was vegetarian). Now I’m paying for it.

Mr.J has to listen to me moan about how I don’t like the way I look, and the other day he said if you don’t like it, then change it. Yup, that hit home, but he has a point right. Sometimes we’re so quick to complain about something we don’t like, the job we’re in, the way we look , our hair (haha) but most times we can change it.

So I’ve decided… I’m going to stop complaining and make a change. I recently completed a nutrition course and have a new found passion for health. This is where my weight loss journey begins.

Not that I’m making excuses, but I do have a slight problem.I have this condition called diastasis recti, basically the girls tore my abdominal muscles apart and all my insides jingle and move where they please. (well that’s the dramatic explanation anyway :-D). On a real note, my muscles haven’t gone back together like they do for most women after pregnancy. If they don’t go  back with physio there’s a possibility I will need an operation… Noooo…. But let’s hope not. So, this is going to be my obstacle, amongst many others, like my love for ice cream, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So … It’s time for a change. Who’s with me?

Please let me know if you’re going through or have been through something similar. I know I’m going to need all the encouragement and motivation I can get. Comment, post, share your thoughts.

Have a great day and will keep you updated. 😀

Triplet Mama Smith x


9 thoughts on “If you don’t like it… Change it!.. And stop complain

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  1. Haha, my husband said the same thing to me, I hate it when they’re right! I joined a gym and started to feel great about my body again but it’s hard to maintain the weightloss. I just get so hungry!


    1. I’ve joined a gym… Haven’t been in the past 4 weeks *covers face* butt… It’s because the girls got sick one after the other and I haven’t got back into the flow of things. I’m going to start again next week.

      I hear you with the getting hungry. I find when I’m home all the day with the kids it’s so easy for me to pick and eat little bits all the time.

      Don’t worry, we can encourage each other 😀


  2. I too used to be on the weight loss frenzy until my Mandy. I went down from 200 to 169. Then, bam, pregnant again. My wonderful results were lost just like that. When I’m pregnant, all I want to do is eat, which sucks. Now I’m like a roller coaster. One minute I’m on the journey, next minute I’m off. Not making excuses, however my Mandy has me exhausted with limited energy. Just like you, motivation and encouragement maybe just the keys I need to move forward.


    1. We can do this together!

      The annoying thing for me is I know what I need to so, I just don’t have the will power to do it right now. Definitely something ima have to pray about, because I’m not getting anywhere by myself.


  3. Hey Kashina! This was really encouraging. Sorry I’m late on the upkeep!

    How is the diastasis recti? Have you seen any improvements in the last month?

    Thought I’d let you know that I’m on the same journey with diet and exercise. Not sure if you saw my pic on Facebook recently, but boy! It’s been a journey. A journey I never actually started until I realised that I had been letting myself go a bit. Prior to that, it was just a daily struggle living with a myriad of negative opinions of people who didn’t appreciate the perfectly normal changes of a woman’s body! It was only when I got lazy months later that I decided to hold myself accountable for my self-perception. So I know how it is to complain and complain about not liking what’s going on in the mirror, and especially to moan to your husband about it! My husband got SO fed up lol! Can’t even blame him!

    So now I’ve just learnt to love what I see enough to invest in it! No more complaining and no more excuses. I’m still on this journey with you, I’m not completely accomplished yet! But I feel liberated in a way I’ve never felt before. Like the results of my own bad habits had me in shackles. It feels good to break them!

    I hope this in encourages you in some way. I’ll be following your posts love!

    God bless your every effort!

    Rach xx


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